Monday, August 16, 2010

South's Fashion

Upon looking at work from members of LOOKBOOK and Scott Schuman, I had a mindset of how great it would be to go out and document the self expression that people refer to as their fashion lifestyle. I would patiently walk down the streets of Atlanta, hoping to glimpse a fashionista, politely approach them with a camera in hand, and ask in the most sincere manner if I could take a photo of them, explaining on the way how I am a senior at SCAD studying photography, and how I am working on a project documenting street fashion. The idea was simple! To accomplish it was something a little more than practical.

First, I asked a friend if he could show me a few areas around the Georgia State college, to which they agreed. We arrived around midday and started On Courtland, turning on Central down to Mitchell and all the way here and there to Andrew Young and Peachtree. Three Hours later, my morale abandoned me. I have not spotted a single fashionable person. I was defeated I'd thought. We decided to go to a bar and have a drink. Might not be such a bad day after all right? As soon as I was to enter the bar, I spotted a well dressed guy with a straw hat walking down, and immediately my luck had turned, he was the most interesting person I've seen all day. I decided to approach him, but felt nervous. Many questions raced through my mind: How should I approach him? Should I complement his hat? Should I outright ask if I could take his photo? Before I knew, he was standing a few feet away from me, so I let it out, "Excuse me sir, would you mind if I took a photo of you?" I thought he would walk away. He did not! He asked me what I was doing this for, and I explained how my project revolved walking through Atlanta documenting street fashion. He said I can take his photo! I was relieved. I asked him to come half way on to the street, to where light was falling. I tried to work fast, not to upset him and lose my only option for the day. I switched my F-stop, changed my shutter and cropped the photo to where I was happy with. I had my first image! It is not so hard, but there are a few things I failed to spot right away. After reviewing the photo, I wish to have seen the I.D. badge around his neck. This is practice for the future shots.

As of now, I have taken 2 photographs in the manner I wish to pursue. Not much, but the colleges are back in full swing, and the weather is starting to get nice again. Hope to have more to show soon, but as of now enjoy my very first images from the Street Fashion of Atlanta.

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