Monday, November 22, 2010

Open Studio

Hollie T.
- Very very talented artist

Red Dress Phenomenon

Libby and Ashley
- One of my best friends and definitely the craziest

Olga D. and Mom
- Happiest girl I know

- One of my best friends and the damn best graphic designer I know

Print Dress
- was told by her she wears something pink every day

Alexa J. Artist/Model
- one of the most beautiful and talented people I've met

Jay Fox
- One of the coolest people ever....EVER
- nothing else need be said

Rich G. - Cool and Confident
- Taught me many things
- Thank You


Stewert R.

- Great people...and the most amazing accent

Shelley D.

- A very talented artist...very

Stephanie Pharr
- one of the most talented photographers I know
- enjoy your travels across the states
- we will meet again in London

Open Studio as an annual show, in fact the biggest show, Savannah College of Art hosts. This year, the show exhibited amazing work from emerging artists, in the fields of Photography, Printmaking, Painting, and Sculpture. Attending the show, I came to support and view the work created by my contemporaries, but as a personal assignment, I could not refuse the chance to sneak in a few snapshots of what was going on outside the hanging wall. I want to extend a warm congratulations to all the Grad Students for doing such great work participating in the event and showing off their talents and techniques, and to all who had work sold, as well as on the wall.