Monday, August 9, 2010

A Comeback

I have not written in 2 weeks now! It is not that I am lazy, nor is it that I refuse to write. Simply, I am out of words. A writer does not force writing, rather waits for all the factors to come together, and only then will they knock out a 100 pages, or a whole novel in case of Kerouac.

As schools start around the country, I realize that my own is almost at an end. This is it! "I will not come back", I say to myself, all too feebly. Prior to attending SCAD, I knew nothing of photography, I was your average guy, who knew the more megapixels the better, who pointed a camera and clicked. I knew nothing of composition, of correct exposure and of all else, did not even fathom that light played a role in photography.

A mind is a beautiful thing however. Over the last 2.5 years, I learned to control all aspects of photography, to see the beauty and power behind a lens. I now have full confidence in what I do, yet have so much more to learn. Perfect practice makes perfect said a wise mind!

Next week, colleges will open their doors, and a mass of students will once again roam their halls and alleys. I will be there for the opening, I will document the fashion and culture that drives them. The LOOKBOOK and The Sartorialist have inspired me to do so. What I have yet to figure out is why I have the need to?

News Update!

The Sartorialist' Own International Fashion Blogger, Scott Schuman, will have a photographer exhibit August 31st through September 25th at the HAGEDORN Foundation Gallery, located 425 Peachtree Hills Avenue. Suite 25.

Haute Lanta September 15th through 19th

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