Monday, June 28, 2010

Existing Without Roots

"Rome is burning", he said, as he poured himself another drink. So goes the opening of my favorite pseudo-blog, inspired by the great novelist Hank Moody and written by the lovely Mia. The blog continues to speak about self-indulgence and "a desperate need to feel something...anything...", and despite the introverted feel of the blog, it is quite an astute realization of the 21st century America. We float on thin air, gliding gently over the concrete, afraid to let our guard down, for fear of what, I ask? We have become obsessed with the latest everything, only to easily swayed to fall within a non-stigmatic world. And yet, despite our efforts to feel something, anything, we have become a pot of mixed cultures and counter-cultures dictated by nobody and everybody. We spend exorbitant amounts of time on social sites, clicking the refresh button every ten minutes, hoping someone wrote even the slightest note on our wall; we chat of the latest movie often missing the point of the story to discuss how hot the star; we are fed literary best-selling books which are artfully disguised with fresh names and bad writing of old classics, we dine on foreign foods hoping to experience the slightest change of routine and so on... I ask, where is the new generation which will drive us out of this mindless-self-indulgence of latest phases? Where are our Beatniks? Our Hippies? Our Modernists? Who will define us I demand to ask? Or will we fall into another lost decade of wasted talent? Better question yet, H ow will 21st century America be defined?

Next week will be more cheerful, I will discuss my trip to NY and my internship under Liz Von Hoene and David Stuart, 2 great photographers working out of NY and Atlanta and how I leaned to paint cyc walls.

Cheers for now,