Monday, July 19, 2010

Site Inspired

While asked to start a tumble account, another hotspot for the modern blogger, I was introduced and eventually started following LOOKBOOK, a fashion blog straight from the San Francisco creator Yuri Lee. The "street fashion" is inspired by the members of the site, and then are scored based on Hype of the style using a point system. Irregardless, I was more focused on the images, all submitted by the members themselves, 50,000 and growing.

This is where my inspiration started.

I would call a model, ask her to get me a look ready to shoot, and would drive to a location that we think it right. The premise is a little different than the member driven images, but hey, I am one person v. 50,000.

So far I have done 3 shoots this way and am loving it. There is something about the unpredictability and the non-concept drive work that drives me to do it more, and will continue to do more work like this. Eventually, I will brave myself to go walk the streets without a model, and photograph the everyday Atlanta member, and other cities, and re-create the the near authenticity of the LOOKBOOK.

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