Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Karin Berndl

While browsing through a fashion marketing major's magazine collection, I stumbled upon that rare instance of magazines never seen on shelves at your local bookstore. In the vast collection, Volume 1 of Plastique happened to be the one to catch my eye, a collection of fashion stories, advertisements, editorials and much more, an over-the-top culture magazine leaning towards the fashion and pop lifestyle.

During that first quick browse in attempt to see whether I would like the magazine, I, two-thirds of the way, got a glance-turned-minute-long-stare in to Karin Berndl's "Duality" work. At first I was apprehended by the amazingly clean retouching, something I look for with every fashion magazine that passes in front of my eyes. Thus this minute turned two minutes, suddenly everything came together and I wanted to see more of her work!

Karin Bernl's work reminds me of a monochromatic Tim Walker at times, at others a collaboration of graphic design and illustration plus photography. She combines her skills to execute wonderful conceptual photographs which have quickly made her rise as one of my favorite photographers!

This is the link to her site:

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